We are specialists in VW, Audi Seat and Skoda, and have modern diagnostic equipment for these manufacturers. We also have diagnostic equipment for other manufacturers (but not so in depth equipment so wouldnt be able to diagnose airbag or ABS faults)

MOT tests now include that all vehicles must have the warning lights on the dashboard working and going off at appropriate times at start up, if a warning light remains lit then this is now a MOT failure.

Often these lights can sorted out fairly cheaply with replacement sensors etc but a dianostic test is essential to discover what is faulty

Here at Penelope Pitstop we are currenty doing a special offer on diagnostic tests =
£10 – to diagnose your engine management light
£10 – to diagnose your airbag light
£10 – to diagnose your ABS/traction/ESP or any other light
this includes friendly advice on what the the codes mean and how to fix it.

Other special offers include:
1) Replacement window regulators – Does your window motor sound like its working but you hear a crunching or nothing happens – £100 (including regulator)
2) Door locks – is your key just turning in the lock? – replacement locks from £75 and no need for a new key, can still use your existing key.
3) Does your temperature gauge on the dashboard barely move or does it move to 90 occasionally when sat in traffic, coolant temperature sensor replacements from £30

Other Servicing rates include:
£30 per hour – labour rate
£100 – for an oil change service – oil and filter, inspection of vehicle, reset service light and stamp service book
£150 – for a major service – oil change, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, check fluids, full inspection of vehicle, reset service light and stamp service book

We also do MOT’s (priced at £40)
Brakes – Price on request
Cam belt and water pump replacement – price on request
Suspension componant replacement – price on request

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